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Monday, November 2, 2009

this is a video of me preparing the hell of of some krautin' kabbage.

Friday, October 23, 2009

spending the night in reading angela davis' autobiography, listening to the wipers and drinking some pretty seriously cosmic herbal tea (feverfew, motherwort, catnip and black cohosh). Any weirdo alternative interests I'm not covering?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

well, my taco month is over and i'm past due for a new goal, but i can't seem to get one going. I wasn't going to drink or eat sugar, but I'm not really feeling the whole deprivation as a challenge thing right now. I'm way more into the whole wallowing in nostalgia, looking over old emails, listening to significant songs and scoping out people from the past on flickr and other social netoworking sites, which is, coincidentally, what i did last night when i got home from a meeting....where we ate tacos. bringin' it all back home.

gunna go see eraserhead tonight at midnight, and it's gunna be the best date i ever took myself on. maybe that's my goal for august-- taking myself out on dates. i like it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

tuesday night tacos were purchased at chipotle, usually a horrific disappointment, but pete and i ate these on the staten island ferry, on our way to explore a new land. tired from work and robbed of bravery and adventure by my feelings of exhaustion, i got weird about sneaking beer onto the ferry, which was dumb because it's way more in the spirit of summer than caution and "are we allowed to?". we ate vegan tacos with beans, corn salsa, peppers and onions, guacamole and i think that was it. we walked around and looked at mansions and the september 11 memorial, as well as a suspiciously huge crane that totally looked like something out of city of lost children. Pete's sense of reckless adventure finally won out, so we drank beer on the street amongst weeping willows and plantation style homes.

wednesday i got doored at 9am, so i spent the whole day grumpy and worried in the emergency room. I got home and ate omlette tacos really late, then ice cream and cookies. Now I'm awake, and I'm probably going to go hang around the police station to get a police report. Link

Saturday, July 25, 2009

missing tacos

5 days absent, and i've got to admit, some of the tacos i've eaten were a little suspect in their authenticity. I'm not one to walk into a place, peer around and deem it appropriately anything to count as authentic. In fact, I spent a handful of years interrogating ideas of food's authenticity and their relationship to racism, othering, xenophobia, shithead condescension, globalization and other awesome parts of American culture, that nebulous thing that people make fun of when I talk about what I spent four years doing in college.

Still, I don't know if apples and rice wrapped in lettuce count, which is a nice transition into my taco meal on sunday. I did make a delicious thing on monday with tahini marinated vegetables, but that was pushing a week ago, and riding on those coattails can't make up for the embarrassing number of omelets masquerading as tacos. I knew I'd grow tired of this foodgroup, but I've grown complacent as this month has drawn out, and instead of exploring grander culinary frontiers, I've retreated. There's a week left, give or take, and I will, from here on out, reaffirm my commitment to this cause and make a much better go of it until taco-free august. psych. (on the last part)

Monday, July 20, 2009

house taco night

tonight was our first housLinke meeting here at the we-cant-enjoy-ourselves-house. it was also our first taco night as a bickering, dysfunctional, clever and attractive household. I made roasted zucchini and mushrooms with tahini and chili powder as well as boiled plantain and arugula salad. giovanni made beans and it was so delicious. david and melissa went to bierkraft and bought beer, blair did dishes and nico the dog threw up on the floor. then we argued and i fretted about how i don't care as much about a clean house as everyone else. now i am listening to an old friend, jacob brancasi, on npr!

now i am going to get back to my new book, kabbalah for the layman, volume 1.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

like an episode of the twilight zone

bending time: how about how my most recent taco experience was eating THE EXACT SAME TACO!!! as i did the day before because it was so good! yeah, i totally dug into another mushroom taco at the spot on washington and it was awesome. I'm so glad that when i'm talking about the exact same taco, i'm not talking about puking.

then i hung out at this party for 12 hours and got home at 4am. killer.
sat around on a roof and drank boxed wine after bro-ing down as a bartender all night. now i am listening to teenage jesus and the jerks and boy am i ever loving life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

thursday was a pretty cheap day for tacos. worked all day long long long long long, then went home and stood in the kitchen, milling around alone, absentmindedly chewing on half a tortilla stuffed with leftovers. barely even counts as eating. walked on over to the 123 space for IOH meeting and got down with the reading group discussion of the call, then got down with some ice cream with kate.

Friday, Tacos were more central to my day, and so things are as they should be. Woke up, ran errands and drank coffee with Sadie and talked about idealist sort of things, worked worked worked worked, and THEEEEENNNNN,

Sam and I went to get tacos at this spot on St. Marks and Washington, not far from my house. I ate a Mushroom taco with black beans and it was totally killer. I put some pickled jalepenos on it. I'm pretty into those. It was a really great taco, but I miss the tofu tacos from QB so much. I'm super into the cabbage salad they throw all over that shit. Either way, I was digging the ill flavors up in this joint yesterday.

Now, I'm going to go upstairs and make myself a delicious breakfast taco! Eggs, Spinach, Tomato, Zucchini, Summertime alright!!!!!!!

Later, I will make some jam and think seriously about dessert tacos!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

taco dreamin'

today for lunch, blair and i ate tacos on the stoop. they were filled with chard, leftover ratatouille, corn and a bit of nutritional yeast, topped with cactus and radishes. we talked about the future and taco juice ran down our wrists. delicious and dreamy and summertime.

yesterday i cheated kind of, and used an omelette as a tortilla, scooping up greens, avacado, tomato and salsa. it was breakfast, and actually, i think that was on monday and it was dinner not breakfast. yesterday i ate a shitty ratatouille taco when i got home from work, right as everyone showed up for the movie screening.

the life i lived before is a blur, and i can barely even think of all the tacos i've loved and lost.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The first few moments of taco summer: compiled

july is tacos-everyday-month.

day 1.
frustrated dinner of one taco, mushroom with salsa and avacado from a mexican restaurant somewhere in crown heights. it was very tasty, but the experience was tarnished by anxiety about being the only person not drinking and also being too tired and eating too late with too many people around.

day 2.
shitty lunch at chipotle in the middle of an insane torrential downpour. chipotle sucks and the only way to make it better is with a lot of hotsauce. also, they don't have corn tortillas for tacos????? bummer, man. whatever, it's a taco and as i'm only too days in, I don't think i've got much to complain about. maybe i'll eat tacos for dinner too!

stay tuned for 28 more taco stories...

taco day 3
worked late and didn't eat dinner til 9pm. made myself a tofu and zucchini taco with watercress. total hippy fest. now i'm super tired.

i'm too sleepy to really talk about tacos, butttt

july 4th: independence taco: eaten alone at home. tofu, tomato, avacado
july 5th: breakfast taco: eggs as tortillas with avacado and greens inside.

my tacos will get alot better, as i brought home some salsa from grub. i also found a spot on myrtle ave that's got mexican grocery stuff up front and a restaurant in back. gunna go! (i might go to my brothers in dirty jerz on tuesday night. fun?!)

well gosh, i'm really falling off this taco wagon. taco truck.

these are my taco stories these past days:
july 6th: too late taco night. i almost lost hope and bought a plane ticket instead. roommate came home as promised, later than expected, but the damage was done and i was feelin' all anxious and angry. picked some little fights over bean tacos with mango salsa and leftovers from grub. felt like a jerk and slept fitfully after eating too much sugar.

july 7th: worked my 14 hour day, returned home on bicycle, failing in my pectin-procurement mission. no red currant jelly yet. as i rode my bike down st. marks st. sans mes mains, i decided that my tacos would be tempeh with squash and onions. they were delicious.

by the way, i know that this must be so boring to read. a food blog with no pictures and some pretty bland meal descriptions, more than spattered with(practically obscured by!!) inane anecdotes and tangential thoughts. luckily, this particular blog all but exists in a vacuum, so i'm not feelin' too guilty. maybe i will start drawing pictures of my tacos, or eating in front of the computer. you know, for visual interest.