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Saturday, July 25, 2009

missing tacos

5 days absent, and i've got to admit, some of the tacos i've eaten were a little suspect in their authenticity. I'm not one to walk into a place, peer around and deem it appropriately anything to count as authentic. In fact, I spent a handful of years interrogating ideas of food's authenticity and their relationship to racism, othering, xenophobia, shithead condescension, globalization and other awesome parts of American culture, that nebulous thing that people make fun of when I talk about what I spent four years doing in college.

Still, I don't know if apples and rice wrapped in lettuce count, which is a nice transition into my taco meal on sunday. I did make a delicious thing on monday with tahini marinated vegetables, but that was pushing a week ago, and riding on those coattails can't make up for the embarrassing number of omelets masquerading as tacos. I knew I'd grow tired of this foodgroup, but I've grown complacent as this month has drawn out, and instead of exploring grander culinary frontiers, I've retreated. There's a week left, give or take, and I will, from here on out, reaffirm my commitment to this cause and make a much better go of it until taco-free august. psych. (on the last part)

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  1. you can do it !!!
    only 4 more days to go...