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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

taco dreamin'

today for lunch, blair and i ate tacos on the stoop. they were filled with chard, leftover ratatouille, corn and a bit of nutritional yeast, topped with cactus and radishes. we talked about the future and taco juice ran down our wrists. delicious and dreamy and summertime.

yesterday i cheated kind of, and used an omelette as a tortilla, scooping up greens, avacado, tomato and salsa. it was breakfast, and actually, i think that was on monday and it was dinner not breakfast. yesterday i ate a shitty ratatouille taco when i got home from work, right as everyone showed up for the movie screening.

the life i lived before is a blur, and i can barely even think of all the tacos i've loved and lost.

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