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Thursday, July 30, 2009

tuesday night tacos were purchased at chipotle, usually a horrific disappointment, but pete and i ate these on the staten island ferry, on our way to explore a new land. tired from work and robbed of bravery and adventure by my feelings of exhaustion, i got weird about sneaking beer onto the ferry, which was dumb because it's way more in the spirit of summer than caution and "are we allowed to?". we ate vegan tacos with beans, corn salsa, peppers and onions, guacamole and i think that was it. we walked around and looked at mansions and the september 11 memorial, as well as a suspiciously huge crane that totally looked like something out of city of lost children. Pete's sense of reckless adventure finally won out, so we drank beer on the street amongst weeping willows and plantation style homes.

wednesday i got doored at 9am, so i spent the whole day grumpy and worried in the emergency room. I got home and ate omlette tacos really late, then ice cream and cookies. Now I'm awake, and I'm probably going to go hang around the police station to get a police report. Link

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